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What is the Power Tracker map?

FPL's Power Tracker is an online, interactive map that shows current power outages by location. Simply enter a street address, city or ZIP to see outage and restoration information. Note: Power Tracker does not track or reflect flickers or brief power interruptions. Power Tracker provides detailed restoration information, including:

  • Outage report time
  • Estimated time of restoration
  • Number of customers affected
  • Status of restoration
  • Cause of outage

Power Tracker's FPL Reliability Performance indicator displays the percent of customer accounts systemwide that are currently with power. Additionally, Power Tracker includes a link for reporting an outage online.

How do I use Power Tracker?

Power Tracker is found at

  • Enter a street address, city or ZIP code in the search box.
  • Zoom the map in or out using the zoom bar at the left-hand side of the map.
  • Move to a new area on the map by clicking and holding anywhere on the map and dragging to the desired location, or use the arrows on the compass at the top-left corner.
  • Outages are indicated by triangle icons of varying colors that indicate the scale of an outage.
  • Click on an outage icon to open an information box.
  • To reset the map, click "Start Over," below the map image.

During an outage, you can access Power Tracker via smart phone, battery-powered laptop or Internet device (such as an iPhone, Android or iPad), or through a friend or a computer at a different location.

Why can't the map find my address?

FPL's map uses Google Maps. While Google Maps updates its address database frequently, new neighborhoods may take months to show up on maps. To suggest a correction or addition to Google's database, please contact Google Earth.

How do I report a streetlight outage or problem?

If you notice a streetlight problem, please report it at or by calling 1-800-4OUTAGE (1-800-468-8243). Please be ready to describe the location of the streetlight, including the nearest street address and any nearby landmarks, or report the 11-digit number on the streetlight pole.
Not all streetlights are maintained by FPL. Some streetlight issues require repairs by a local municipality or homeowners association.

How can I tell when my power will be restored?

Click on the outage icon for an estimated time of restoration.
If you reported an outage more than 15 minutes ago and can't find it on the map, check your restoration status on our Online Outage System.

I reported an outage but I don't see it on the map. Why not?

To see a specific outage, type in the exact street address. If you still don't see your outage, please wait 15 minutes and refresh your browser.

I'm out of power but don't see an icon on my exact location. Why not?

For outages affecting two to 100 customers, the icon will appear near the streets affected. For larger outages, it may be farther away but still represent your address. The icon generally represents the center of the outage.

What is the FPL Reliability Performance indicator?

The Reliability Performance indicator is a tool that displays the percent of FPL customer accounts that currently have power. This gauge provides a near-real-time reflection of FPL's overall service reliability performance.
FPL currently serves about 4.5 million customer accounts, so a Reliability Performance number of 99.98% indicates that approximately 4,499,100 customer accounts have power at the moment.

How often does FPL update Power Tracker?

We update the map approximately every 15-30 minutes. To see the most current restoration information, you may need to refresh your browser.

How does FPL restore power?

As soon as FPL detects an outage or a customer reports an outage, we deploy a restoration specialist to conduct a situation assessment. Using this specialist's assessment, we provide an estimated time of restoration and assign the right resources, workers and materials to get the power back on.
During large outages, FPL follows a plan for restoring power to the greatest number of customers safely and as quickly as possible. After a hurricane, our restoration process is as follows:

  • Restoring power plants and affected transmission lines and substations, which are essential to providing any electric service.
  • Simultaneously restoring power to electrical lines and equipment that serve critical facilities such as hospitals, police/fire stations, water treatment plants and 911 communication centers.
  • Working to return service to the largest number of customers in the shortest amount of time, including restoring service to the main thoroughfares that host supermarkets, pharmacies, gas stations and other needed community services.
  • From here, repairing infrastructures serving smaller groups and neighborhoods, converging on the hardest hit areas until every customer is restored.


After a hurricane, what information will be available on this map?

When outages occur, we know our customers want and need information about when their power will be restored. However, information is scarce during and immediately after a major storm.
If a major storm affects FPL's service territory, we will first deploy field teams to conduct damage assessments. We will then assign the right resources, crews and materials to each effort and provide estimates of when power will be restored. We will provide this information on the map and at
Throughout the restoration, FPL will communicate frequently through the news media, the FPL website, FPL's Mobile Storm Center (, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and FPL's blog to provide updated restoration expectations and other progress reports.

How can I access Power Tracker if my power is out?

During an outage at your home or place of business, you can access the Power Tracker map via a battery-powered laptop, smart phone or Internet device (such as iPhone, Android or iPad), through a friend or from a computer at different location.

If the information on the map is incorrect, should customers call you to let you know?

The Power Tracker map updates every 15 minutes on average, so you may see the information you need by refreshing your browser after 15 minutes. Also, an outage icon representing your outage may appear near but not directly over your address, because outages generally affect several customers rather than a single location. Check information boxes for any outage icons near your location.


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